Marina Ibiza, a


Marina Ibiza, a "5 Star" port.

Marina Ibiza has been certified in 2013 by the International Marine Certification Institute with the distinction of a "5 Blue Star Marina", this being the greatest award any Marina can receive. Only 9 marinas all over the world have the “5 Star” certificate.

The most important characteristics which are considered for rewarding a “5 Blue Star Marina” certificate are the quality of the facilities, the security, the sanitation facilities and the variety of services offered, where a wide range of activities aimed to the clients should be included. Note that Marina Ibiza also features a programme related to the waste management and several environmental aspects which have been fundamental for receiving this award.

Thanks to this distinction, the clients of Marina Ibiza ensure maximum quality of service throughout their stay in the port, becoming a port of reference worldwide for its quality and service. This accreditation also helps reinforce the nautical tourism in the island. This recognition places Ibiza in a privileged situation within the nautical sector.