Handmade fashion ‘made in Perugia’ arrives at Marina Ibiza with  Lorena Antoniazzi


Handmade fashion ‘made in Perugia’ arrives at Marina Ibiza with Lorena Antoniazzi

Neutral tones, basic lines, and handmade cashmere fabrics and thread are part of the exclusive collection that Lorena Antoniazzi moves from Italy to her new store, unique in Spain, located in Marina Ibiza.

During its presentation party, which was dominated by the fusion of good taste, dance and fashion, all the guests -among those who were Marina Ibiza’s clients and friends of the brand- enjoyed a cocktail in a Mediterranean-Italian atmosphere with dancers from the Academy of Contemporary Dance of Milan, live jazz and tasting of typical Italian products from the small town where Lorena Antoniazzi's garments are handmade. The fantastic boats moored in the dock of Marina Ibiza located in front of the shop served as background to give the exclusive touch to this selected event.

Luca Mirabassi and Lorena Antoniazzi, soul and essence of the brand, were the perfect hosts who did not cease to attend and display their sympathy and kindness among all guests. The pair of owners of this special fashion brand gave all the attendants a delicate present. With that attention, it was difficult to resist entering the fitting rooms and checking the quality of well-made things with love.

The spring-summer collection of the brand stands out for its light tones and a refined casual style that fits perfectly with the Ibiza environment and Marina Ibiza’s lifestyle. Each garment has in its label, a code that allows to know the whole process of selection of the raw material and its country of origin, treatments that are applied to it, and the own creation of the product through the artisan work until visualizing the final product. The objective of this interesting system is to offer the buyer all the possible information, seeking the transparency and demonstrating that they are 100% handmade artisan Italian products.

Silvia Alunni, in charge of the store in Ibiza and the organization of the event, will be the person who will be responsible for introducing Lorena Antoniazzi’s clothes on the island. Thanks to her sympathy and professionalism, very soon it will be a habitual brand among fashion buyers who each year disembark with the illusion of finding clothes as exclusive as special.

The central promenade of Marina Ibiza, where Lorena Antoniazzi's store is located, offers a selection of exclusive shops, as well as entertainment, where you can enjoy the coolest Ibiza night.