Marina Ibiza’s staff trains to act in case of emergency


Marina Ibiza’s staff trains to act in case of emergency

As part of Marina Ibiza’s security protocol, its staff has received a full course of implementing an emergency plan to act efficiently in a case of extreme urgency. Not only the sailors participated, but also surveillance equipment and office members.

The courses held theoretical and practical testing in which they refreshed knowledge on the procedure in case of emergency, as well as in the use of different tolos sush as fire extinguishers, hoses, hydrants and pumps, among others.

The practical course also included a fire drill with the participation of Ibiza’s Firefighters; a drill for hydrocarbon spill with absorbing barriers and containment of the discharge; and an emergency drill in which they had to resolve several assumptions applying notification and comunication protocols and intervening sequence.

During this day, all the marina staff used the knowledge received in handling devices, taking into account weather conditions, as well as first aid to help the wounded, thanks to volunteers who performed this role.

This courses received annually by Marina Ibiza’s staff have the aim to offer the best quality, service and security to the marina clients. This is why it is a requirement of Marina Ibiza that all staff working at the facility is prepared to act effectively to an emergency.