Marina Ibiza supports Lorenzo Quinn's symbolic art


Marina Ibiza supports Lorenzo Quinn's symbolic art

Marina Ibiza supports art once again in all its facets, and since this winter offered the possibility of exposing many artists related in any way with the island through Art Guide Ibiza, during the summer season exhibits two sculptures permanently by Lorenzo Quinn decorating the central promenade.

These two stunning works selected by the same author have a high symbolic content. One of them, located in front of Lío, is titled The force of nature, and is a tribute to Mother Nature as for reminding the human is not a supreme being or is above anyone, but has the duty to care for the Earth.

The other great work is in front of Blue Marlin’s terrace in the marina and represents the figure of a man jumping through a few light cylinders inside a great fountain. This sculpture called Leap of Faith invites reflection of the need to be positive even in the darkest moments, because hope is the last thing to lose. The artist understands the future as an empty glass to be filled with dreams, while the past is written on a stone and the present is being carved on wood.

Lorenzo Quinn has been participating twenty years in fairs and exhibitions around the world. Resident in Ibiza has chosen Marina Ibiza to expose part of his artworks in a showcase of international renown.

These amazing pieces of art not only enrich but also energize Marina Ibiza’s walks providing even more exclusivity in the Mediterranean most fashionable port.