The Sealine Experience arrives at Marina Ibiza


The Sealine Experience arrives at Marina Ibiza

Sealine, the motor boat specialist, has chosen Marina Ibiza to conclude the Sealine Experience 2011 in the Mediterranean, during the 18th, 19th and 25th June, after berthing in the United Kingdom, Portugal and the main Spanish harbours. This event has enabled yachting enthusiasts to test-sail the latest model SC35 from this firm, which has been designing and building luxury pleasure craft for thirty years.

Sealine has chosen Marina Ibiza harbour for the quality of its facilities, the professionalism of its team and the beauty of the surroundings: the ideal place to enjoy to the full sailing boats with leading-edge technology. Sure of the success of this event and with the guarantee that Marina Ibiza has been the best base for its events, the fleet taking part in the 4th Summer Cruise through the Mediterranean, organized by Sealine, has also berthed in the marina on the weekend 24 to 26 June.

This has been the best opportunity to admire and test-sail the new Sealine boats away from the crowds at the boat shows. This event has provided an opportunity to test the new joystick helm control, which enables boats to manoeuvre sideways and turn on their own axis. It has been possible to enjoy sailing at unrestricted speeds, and a team of Sealine experts has answered questions about the boats or the activities available for Sealine owners.