Marina Ibiza is one of only two harbours singled out for the blue flag in Ibiza


Marina Ibiza is one of only two harbours singled out for the blue flag in Ibiza

Marina Ibiza has certified its commitment to the environment and to safety with the blue flag awarded by the environmental education association ADEAC, which each year awards blue flags to Spanish marinas that uphold high principles of environmental information, education and management, along with services, safety and water quality.

Raising awareness to maintain the Balearic Islands´ delicate natural balance

The award criteria call for the creation of an environmental policy that includes actions in respect of water, waste, energy consumption, safety, health and the use of environment-friendly products. Marina Ibiza upholds the basic principle of caring for the Balearic Islands´ delicate natural balance, and sharing this philosophy with their users through information on local flora and fauna, and tips for using their boats sustainably.

In support of its awareness-raising policy, Marina Ibiza has published a leaflet with recommendations on making full use of the harbour´s green points and tips for making big energy savings and efficient use of water, as well as preventing polluting waste from leaking out by conducting periodic maintenance of boats.

Environment-friendly harbour, from the facilities to the green points

Marina Ibiza has containers for sorting recyclable and hazardous waste into, along with bilge and waste water pumping facilities, which are all signposted. In addition, Marina Ibiza has recently been landscaped and the pedestrian areas and pontoons have been planted up to blend in with their natural surroundings, providing further added value to qualify for the blue flag. Another aspect of this added value is the sustainable transport which Marina Ibiza is promoting through its non-polluting electric shuttle service for clients. The blue flag is additional to the ISO 14001 certificate which this marina already holds for maintaining a fine balance between running at a profit and reducing the boats´ environmental impact.