Marina Ibiza implements a new sustainable measure


Marina Ibiza implements a new sustainable measure

Marina Ibiza has launched a collaboration with the company Power Electronics to integrate the know-how in electric mobility of this company, as part of the environmental improvement programme which the port develops every year.

This new sustainable measure is aimed at supporting all those who help preserve the environment using electric cars which do not pollute. Thus, all customers and users of the marina who have these vehicles can recharge their battery in the space provided.

For this, two parking spaces have been allocated with a pole with an attractive design in which durability, reliability and ease of use for outdoor loading prevail, with a personalized front with backlight. This charger also allows the identification of users using proximity cards and the simultaneous charging in AC of two electric vehicles up to 22 kW each.

To offer the best user experience, chargers can even connect via bluetooth to a mobile application that allows monitoring and scheduling of charging sessions, as well as querying charging statistics.

With this new measure, Marina Ibiza is firmly committed to the use of electric cars to reduce air pollution, with the strong support of an innovative and leading company in the technology sector.

The marina works on various actions and protocols that promote good practices towards caring for the environment, as well as adapting its facilities to be an increasingly efficient and sustainable marina. And it is thanks to that commitment that it currently has various accreditations, which are renewed every year, such as ISOS 9001, 14001 and 45001, EMAS, registration in the Carbon Footprint Registry, Blue Flag, and the 5 blue IMCI stars.

All these logos require a series of guidelines and standards of quality, service, facilities, as well as increasingly demanding environmental issues that involve great involvement by the companies who obtain these recognitions.