Marina Ibiza renews the EMAS award thanks to its very high environmental commitment


Marina Ibiza renews the EMAS award thanks to its very high environmental commitment

The Ministry of Environment and Territory has delivered a new EMAS award to Marina Ibiza, in recognition of its intense environmental work, giving the marina an important distinction that highlights the condition of a facility focused on caring for the environment.

Miquel Mir, Minister of Environment and Territory, together with Sebastiá Sansó, General Director of Waste and Environmental Education have delivered the badge to Pilar Moyá, who attended the celebration of delivery of EMAS plates on behalf of Marina Ibiza.

This award is given to those companies that, like Marina Ibiza, have voluntarily implemented an EMAS Environmental Management and Audit Community System that meets all the conditions of the established Regulation and also has an accredited environmental verifier, such as SGS, who are responsible for the certifying of the different ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 which the marina has.

Also, this marina that stands out for its strong environmental commitment and for the amount of activities in support of environmental care, has other important distinctions such as the Blue Flag, the registration in the Carbon Footprint Registry, as well as the Marine category 5 blue stars awarded by IMCI.

Daniel Marí, manager of Marina Ibiza, expresses that “renewing this award is the response to the great effort that the marina carries out in this area, whose objective is to collaborate and be deeply involved in the care of the environment. We have been counting on this recognition for several years and this motivates us to continue improving. ”

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