Marina Ibiza and Proyecto Juntos against child cancer


Marina Ibiza and Proyecto Juntos against child cancer

Today, February 15th is commemorated the International Childhood Cancer Day, and Marina Ibiza supports the NGO Project Together (Proyecto Juntos) in a viral action to raise funds. This morning, Marina Ibiza has shared in its Facebook profile, a video from the NGO Project Together filmed with children and teenagers with Cancer, and each time someone shares it directly from Project Together profile in Facebook, Marina Ibiza will donate 0,05 cents to the NGO.

According to the figures, every year in Spain 1.400 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in children between 0 and 18 years old, and although they are alarming figures, 75% of cases have a cure. For this reason it is vital that patients can receive the appropriate treatment as soon as possible, and relatives and companions also receive support to overcome this experience.

This new Video of the NGO has the collaboration of Trasmapi and Marina Ibiza, and offers the testimony of 8 young people and children who, through the questions of several adults, expresses a positive attitude towards this disease, stating their desire to live Life, and fulfill their dreams after such an experience in their lives.

The NGO Project Together helps children and teenagers of 0 to 18 years old with Cancer in Ibiza and Formentera, and raises funds to investigate this disease. Marina Ibiza, as a local Company wanted to Support the Project trhough this viralized initiative.

The formula is easy and we can all get it together: Project Together made the video, You share it from the Facebook profile of Project Together, and Marina Ibiza makes a donation of 0,05 cents for each time the video is shared. Ready?

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