Marina Ibiza promotes caring for the environment


Marina Ibiza promotes caring for the environment

Since Marina Ibiza is dedicated to an activity directly related with the sea, it feels that its relationship with the environment is even greater, and its desire for caring about native marine species and maintaining the quality of the Mediterranean waters, drives them to act every year with new iniciatives. For this reason, Marina Ibiza has launched several steps aimed at caring for the surroundings and the environment and promotes, among its clients, the importance of good ecological and environmental habits when sailing around our islands.

Continuing with its ongoing policy of awareness for the care of the environment , Marina Ibiza strives each year to launch new and noteworthy activities to promote itself. In the words of the manager of this internationally renowned port, Daniel Marí, “it is vital for us to create awareness among customers regarding our waters in which they sail every year. They are spectacular thanks to a number of factors and to its marine habitat, which has to be treated very carefully so we all can enjoy this paradise forever. It is important to make them feel part of our environment and that care will benefit all of us”

For this reason, important measures were taken during this past year, which made this marina even more ecological, and helped clients to preserve the environment in which they sail. In the same regard, from the begining of 2017 the marina is working on the development of new activities with the same object: having a Marina Ibiza greener than ever.

Among the activities put into practice during the past year, this is the summary of the most important ones:


As a nod to its customers, Marina Ibiza took a risk by changing its logo into one which depicts their Green credentials.. Playing with the term "green", it has become a purely organic element, showing its interest in transmitting its environmental value: MA(GREEN)A IBIZA. The logo, cool, relaxed and clearly alluding to the subject, will be used in each of the activities related to the environment carried out by the port.


Marina Ibiza launched an environmental section on its website. And that section, in Spanish English, German or Russian, provides all kinds of information about the Posidonia and its care, the importance it has on our environment; some advice and recommendations for responsible anchoring including the best times of the year for anchoring. It also provides environmental advice to vessels and promotes the rational use of both concerning resources: water and electricity consumption. It also promotes getting the blue flag for boats being an award which the marina already holds in this category.

This section of the site has been programmed so that browsing is easily navigated . This will remain in continuous evolution throughout the year as it will be incorporating more news concerning the issue.

To learn more about the content of the environmental section of the web of Marina Ibiza, be sure to click on the link below:



A must-have guide for all clients arriving at Marina Ibiza is the new environmental brochure with basic information about the best beaches, where to anchor, guidelines and recommendations for responsible anchoring, everything you need to know about the Ses Salines Natural Park and Posidonia, including environmental advice for boats, how to manage waste, responsible use of resources and all information about the Blue Flag.

This brochure is delivered together with the mandatory documentation that each boat receives upon arrival at the marina. In this way, we offer a useful and entertaining tool for all those who wish to anchor in Ibiza or Formentera waters.

The brochure can be consulted at the following link:



Marina Ibiza has built an information panel with recycling bags to encourage customers to practice recycling in their boats and during their stay in port which has been a huge success. In a short time, the bags were sold out and a new production had to be ordered to continue making them available to anyone who wants to use them.

These bags have the right colors to make the selection on board: yellow to deposit plastics, green for the glass and blue for paper, and thus to be able to discard this waste when returning from sailing, in the corresponding containers that are available throughout the marina.

As Daniel Marí says "with little effort we want to make recycling habits comfortable for port users and thus encourage customers to follow good environmental practices”.


Furthermore, to reinforce this initiative, it has also promoted a campaign to save water and electricity with customers, partners and friends via posters and flyers that in an original way reinforce the importance of this aspect.

These flyers will be distributed this year to all yachts arriving at the marina along with other welcome documentation.


The renowned environmental awards it holds such as the Blue Flag, EMAS, TÜV Rheinland Certifications with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and the international cartification IMCI with the 5 Blue Star Marina support Marina Ibiza’s effort. And besides, Marina Ibiza continues to work on new initiatives this year will be implemented with the aim of improving the environment in which we all sail.


Actually, Marina Ibiza is working on several projects that will see the light of day soon always respecting the flora and fauna of the Balearic Islands.